Municipal Court

***Effective immediately, anyone wishing to enter court will be required to secure all backpacks and handbags in their vehicle prior to entering. The only items allowed in the courtroom will be a billfold, ID, cellphone (silenced), and medical necessities. Adhering to this process will reduce screening time.***
Thanks for your attention to this matter.
Negotiations:If you would like to speak with our Solicitor (Victoria Aronow), she will be available on the day of court, as early as 30 minutes prior to your court time. For example, if your court time is 9am, you may check in at the court room at 8:30am and speak with her. 

Continuances:The court does allow for one continuance per case. It must be signed for in person at the Court Services window. Please arrange for your continuance with the Clerk of Court no later than 24 hours prior to your court date.

Contempt of Court:If you miss your court date, you are subject to a contempt fee, a license suspension, and possibly a warrant.

Frequency of Court:The Hiram Municipal Court is held 3 times per month in the Municipal Annex located behind the Dewey Pendley Municipal Complex, 217 Main St., Hiram, GA 30141 in downtown Hiram.

Arraignments:Arraignments or first appearances begin either at 9 a.m. or 2 p.m. Please refer to your citation for your correct court date. It is possible that bond paperwork can have an incorrect court date. If you fail to appear in court on your scheduled court date a bench warrant will be issued for your arrest and your driver's license may be suspended.

Trials:Trials begin at 9 a.m. on the third Monday of each month unless that Monday falls on a Federal or State observed Holiday.

Expectations:Prior to your court appearance you may call the Court Services office to obtain the bond amount of your citation(s). We accept cash, money order, or credit card/debit card as forms of payment or you may pay your citation online with a debit or credit card HERE. Please allow 48 hours from the time you receive the citation for processing.

Also, know that if you pay with credit card or debit card, whether over the phone or in person at Court Services, there is a 4% fee to process payment

There is a strict dress code for Municipal Court. Dress must be appropriate or you will be asked to leave. No shorts, tank tops, flip flops, or inappropriate clothing will be allowed. Everyone is required to pass through a security checkpoint. The following items are prohibited: any form of weapons, cell phones, hats or sunglasses. Parents with babies or small children who become disruptive will be asked to leave the court room.

For questions concerning court services: 770-943-3726, ext. 2003

Court Information: Responsibilities:The Hiram Municipal Court is the judicial branch of the government of Hiram. Court Services is responsible for processing all traffic citations, local ordinance violations, and misdemeanor state law violations issued by the Police Department. It is also responsible for preparing court dockets and collecting fines and fees.
Mission:The mission of the Hiram Municipal Court is to provide fair, accurate, and efficient service to all citizens who are required to make an appearance. Court Services is committed to:

  • Ensuring administrative efficiency
  • Protecting the court's integrity
  • Maintaining public confidence in the court's ability to impartially dispense justice
Municipal Court
How do I get a continuance?
If you need a continuance for your court date, the Court allows one extension per case. You must sign for the new court date at the Court Services window, IN PERSON, at least 24 hours prior to the court date on your citation.
Can I pay my fine with a check?
No. You may use cash or money order if you pay at City Hall, and you may use debit or credit cards for online payments. Municipal Court payment website
If the officer did not write "Must Appear" on my citation, do I still have to come to court?
It depends on the violation with which you were charged. Please call Court Services at 770-943-3726, ext. 2003 to verify your court appearance requirement.
How do I get someone out of jail?
People who are arrested by the Hiram Police Department are held at the Paulding County Detention Center. Release procedures include posting a cash bond or using a bonding company. The jail booking clerk can assist you with this information. Contact the clerk at (770) 443-3030.
Who is my probation officer, where are they located and how do I get in touch with them?
If you were placed on probation, you will contact Supervision Services, Inc. Their phone number is 678-383-3121. All questions concerning probation, such as, appointments, violation of probation or warrants should be directed to their office, not Court Services.
Can someone else pay my citation?
Yes, if payment is made prior to your court date. Municipal Court payment website