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The City of Hiram will be closed Wednesday June 19, 2024,
in observance of Juneteenth.    
Sanitation routes for Wednesday and Thursday will be delayed 1 Day

Please remember to have your can at the curb by 6:00 aM
on your sanitation service day

2024 Holiday Calendar

Only cans with the City of Hiram Logo on the side will be serviced. 
All Trash MUST be in a Trash Bag. All bags MUST be placed in, or on, the  City of Hiram Trash Can
in order to be serviced.
Any bags to the side of the can will not be picked up. 

Please Review the Below Information Regarding Sanitation Routes:
  • Each address we have on file is listed alphabetically by street name.

Note: Street numbers may be out of order.

CURBSIDE: Trash Can must be at the curb by 6:00am the morning of your Service Day. 

  • The third column dictates whether you have any “Additional Cans”.
  • “Service Days” are listed to the far right side of the attachment.

Note: If any of the above information is incorrect, please call our office so that we can get you listed correctly in our system.

Click Here to See Current Routes

All routes are subject to change and the website will be updated as changes are made.  

Water / Sanitation Services:Click Here To View Sanitation Rules For Residents And Frequently Asked QuestionsThe City of Hiram provides water for customers in/around downtown.  Others are serviced by Paulding County Water, which can be reached at (770) 222-6868.

The City of Hiram Code of Ordinances requires that City residents subscribe to sanitation services with the City.

Water Meters are read by the 20th of each month and bills are generated to be mailed out to customers by the 25th.

Sanitation bills are billed on a quarterly basis in advance, and at this time are generated with the water bill. 
All bills are due by the 15th of the following month. A late fee will be assessed to all bills not paid on or before the 16th of each month. Delinquent bills are due by the 20th. After the 20th, they are subject to disconnection and an additional late fee.

Based on Address, Services provided:

  • Water & Sewer
  • Water, Sewer, & Sanitation
  • Water & Sanitation
  • Sanitation Only
To verify services at your address, please contact Customer Service then please complete the following appropriate Application.  To terminate services, please submit the following Service Disconnection Request. 

Once completed please bring the form by City Hall or email it to: customerservice@hiram-ga.gov


Click here to Pay Online
  • Pay in person, by mail, drop box or online
  • Forms of payment accepted cash, check, money order, credit, debit or e-check
  • View your bills online anytime
  • Make a payment online, by phone or by text with credit/debit or e-check
  • Pay multiple bills in a single transaction
  • Save time by setting up automatic payments on the due date or date of your choice
  • Get email reminders, plus you can choose to receive text notifications and pay by text message
All City of Hiram accounts now have the ability to go paperless.  Monthly and quarterly statements can be emailed directly to you.  Contact Customer Service to verify your correct email address is on file.  

Delinquent Accounts:If your water service is disconnected for non-payment, there will be an additional $25 reconnect fee. If service has been disconnected more than once in a 12 month period, an additional deposit  in addition to the reconnect fee will be required before service is restored.

If your sanitation service is discontinued, your waste receptacle will be picked up immediately and a $25 redelivery fee will be assessed. If service has been discontinued more than once in a 6 month period, an additional deposit of $50 in addition to the redelivery fee will be required before your service is restored.

Returned Checks:A charge of $30 or 5% (whichever is greater) will be added to a returned check. Any customer with a returned check will be required to make all future payments in the form of cash, money order, or cashier's check.

If bills are paid through online banking bill pay service, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure the City receives payment by the 15th to avoid a late fee and by the 20th to avoid possible disconnection. Banks will normally mail a check to the City, so please allow 5 business days for the payment to arrive. Payments received in the mail the morning of the 16th or in the courtesy drop box will be posted before late fees are assessed.

Water/Sewer Refund Calculation Policy:City of Hiram Water/Sewer Customers acknowledge and understand per their contract, that the City of Hiram is responsible for the portion of the service line from the water main to the water meter.  The Customer also understands that the portion of the service line from the water meter to the house/structure is their sole responsibility, and assumes all responsibility for the water damage on or to the property (inclusive of the inside of the dwelling) once service commences.

In the event the Customer incurs a water leakage that is reflected in their monthly billing statement, the Customer must provide documentation of repairs no later than 30 days from this statement.

Upon receipt of the repair documentation, calculations are based on the total water usage for the billing period in question, at the reduced rate of $4.50 per 1,000 gallons used.  The difference between the adjusted rate vs. the amount billed will be credited off of the account.   

Calculated adjustments for Customer accounts are handled per account and are allowed to occur only once per calendar year.  The amount of the credit adjustment will  be coded to "ADJWAT" with an explanation that details the reason and the date of the original billing.


Follow the steps below to make sure to put the right items in the cart, and the cart at the right place.



1.       Prep it

·         Bag garbage before placing it in the cart to assist with pickup and keep your cart clean.  This lessens odors and reduces litter problems during service.

·         Do not pack trash tightly in your container.

2.       Use the right cart

·         You should only use the Blue City of Hiram assigned can. (Do Not Place Trash in GFL or Waste Industries Cans)

3.       Place your cart curbside on your collection day.

·         Place garbage cart(s) a few inches from the curb or edge of the street, not in the street.

·         Keep cart(s) at least three feet from other objects (i.e. vehicles, mail boxes, fences, power lines).

·         The lid on a full cart should not be open more than 12 inches.  This eliminates spillage during the service of the can.

·         Position carts so that the cart handle faces your house (see arrows on the lid).  This will ensure the lid opens properly and is not damaged when emptied.

·         Cart(s) need to be placed at the curb no later than 6:00am on your scheduled service date.

4.       Move your car if needed

·         You should not park on the street on collection day.  Parking on the street may prevent us from servicing your cart.

5.       What CAN go in the Trash

·         Normal household refuse/waste.

·         Ashes or sawdust, thoroughly wet.

·         Broken glass wrapped securely in multiple layers of newspaper.

·         Animal wastes wrapped in newspaper or plastic bags.

·         Hazardous materials containers that are empty and dry and five gallons or smaller in size.

6.       What CAN'T go in the Trash

·         Liquids of any type.  The refuse/waste in landfills must be as dry as possible.

·         Hot coals, ashes or lit cigarettes.

·         Building and construction debris (dirt/rocks, tree trunks, carpets or large scraps).

·         Furniture, appliances, or auto parts to include, but not limited to; water heaters, household appliances, computers, iPads, cell phones, TV’s, couches/chairs, tires, car parts (bumpers, doors, fenders, engine blocks, batteries…), or any items over 50 pounds.

·         Unwrapped sharp objects (broken glass should be well-wrapped in newspaper before placing it in the trash.)

·         Household Hazardous Wastes (paint, cleaning fluids, motor oil, insecticides, solvents, acids, gasoline, pool chemicals, highly flammable liquids, radioactive materials, or toxic chemicals). 

·         Sharps including needles, syringes, lancets and other self-injection devices. Medical waste from home health care services along with the listed items may require specials disposal.  Talk to your doctor or provider about disposal instructions.

·         Universal waste (all types of consumer batteries, electronics, fluorescent light bulbs, and mercury containing items such as thermometers and thermostats).

·         Bulky Items – any item too large for a standard trash cart.


So, your trash didn’t include any of the prohibited or bulky items, but it still wasn’t collected.  Here are some of the most common situations.

1. The Garbage Truck Couldn’t Access the Cans

Sometimes it’s not that the garbage truck skipped your house, but rather that it couldn’t access the garbage.  And this could be for any number of  reasons; a car parked in front of your bins, they were placed too far away from the curb or tree branches blocking the cans from being lifted.

Oftentimes, in the event a situation occurred that did not allow for your can to be serviced, a tag will be placed on the can, noting why the collection could not happen.  Some of the issues leading to a missed garbage pickup can include:

  • Lids not closed far enough down, due to the trash being packed in to highly.
  • Items blocking access (e.g. basketball hoops or cars)
  • Carts are set out improperly.
  • Not having 2-3 feet between carts.
  • To close to mailboxes, trees, bushes or power lines.

2. The Trash Was Put Out Late
Usually, the garbage truck will come around the same time each week.  However, if they  have a larger route due to a holiday week or unforeseen circumstances, the timing can vary.  If you get your cans out after the garbage truck has rolled through, you will be required to wait until your next scheduled pick up date.

3. Your Container Was Overloaded

While our sanitation workers are not going to measure and weigh your cans, they can fairly accurately tell if a can is too heavy due to the items packed in.  If your can is not   able to be safely lifted to be dumped, it will not be serviced.  It is recommended that if you have more trash consistently that can fit into one cart, you will need to request a   second can to be added to your bill.

4. Additional Bags Or Other Items Were Left Outside Of The Cart

For sanitation to be serviced, it must be bagged and placed inside the cart.  Any bags that are placed outside of the cart, will not be serviced.


Sometimes, the garbage truck did not skip your house.  Rather, it just didn’t come that day.  But there are still some cases where the garbage man didn’t stop at your house for a specific reason.  Here are a few of the reasons that the garbage truck may not have stopped on your typical collection day.

1. Holiday Week

For Holidays that are officially observed by the City of Hiram, resulting in the offices are closed during business hours, sanitation services will not occur on these days.  Based on the Holiday, services normally will be pushed back by one day.  All changes to a Holiday week’s pick up schedule will be posted on the City of Hiram’s website the week before  the Holiday.

2. Weather Delay

If the weather presents a danger to the garbage collectors or the company’s equipment, services will often be delayed.  These delays will be posted on the website based on situation at that time.

3. You Forgot To Pay Your Bill

 Sanitation is billed quarterly, in advance of the service dates the bill is for.  All payments are to be received by the 15th of the month following the billed dates in February, May,  August and November.  If payment is not received, your account will be suspended for non-payment and service will not resume until payment has been received.  Accounts that remain unpaid for two continuous bill cycles, will be closed, the deposit applied towards the outstanding balance and the can will be picked up.  Once payment is received, your account will be reinstated and services will resume as normal.

4. Human Error

It happens.  Sometimes the garbage truck skips your house.  It’s not done maliciously,  but it does happen.  Most often, it is because you are new to a route, the routes have changed or there is a new driver working in your area.  Just give Customer Service a call at 770-943-3726 ext. 2001 and they will do their best to remedy the situation either the same day or the very next.

Remember, No One Wants Garbage Sitting Out

You don’t want your garbage sitting on the curb and your garbage collectors don’t want to collect double the trash the following week.  As long as everyone works together, trash collection can go smoothly and keep everyone happy.

Meet Our Team:

Sanitation Supervisor- Jonathan Pope (Cab on the bottom)

Support Team: Michael Broome (Cab on the top) & Jeffery Durham (Outside on the bottom)

Michael Broome

Jonathan Pope and Jeffery Durham