Traffic Enforcement Unit

The Traffic Unit is a line of support that provides technical expertise to the department in the areas of accident investigation, drunk and/or impaired driving detection and arrest and the operation of speed detection Doppler and Laser Radar. This unit is responsible for the investigation of all serious and fatal motor vehicle accidents that occur within the city limits. The Unit investigates residents complaints of speeding vehicles and other traffic related issues.


The mission of the Traffic Enforcement Unit is to solve traffic safety problems through partnerships with our citizens and other agencies to reduce traffic accidents and deaths through the stringent enforcement of traffic laws.  

How does the Traffic Unit Accomplish their Mission?

The Traffic Enforcement Unit is made up of a Sergeant and one Officer who focus on education by informing the public of contemporary issues affecting public safety.  The Traffic Unit utilizes engineering via its relationship with the City of Hiram Public Works, Paulding County Department of Transportation, the Georgia Department of Transportation and the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety.

The Traffic Unit also uses enforcement of traffic laws and high visibility patrol as a means to gain voluntary compliance with the rules of the road.

Speed and Traffic Enforcement

The Traffic Unit’s primary responsibility is the enforcement of Hiram's speeding and other traffic regulations. Officers use Doppler radar and Laser speed detection devices on the residential streets as well as the main arteries that go through Hiram. Officers try to concentrate their enforcement efforts at the busier locations or known problems to make the streets of Hiram safer for the residents and visitors.

DUI/Drug Recognition Testing

All traffic officers are certified to detect and apprehend drivers under the influence of alcohol. The Unit has trained and certified as Drug Recognition Experts, skilled in identifying drivers under the influence of drugs or narcotics.

Special Events and Parades

The Traffic Unit is also responsible for coordinating all Special Events occurring within the City of Hiram. The nature of the events varies from parades and fun runs to dignitary visitations warranting special escorts and security. All officers assigned to the Traffic Unit are required to participate in educational and community awareness programs throughout the year. These officers also educate the public about properly buckling up of children and the use of child safety restraints (car seats). The officers attend safety fairs hosted by civic organizations and make other presentations as requested.  

Community Training

The Traffic Unit is also responsible for providing training to our community. Our traffic unit officers are certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians (CPST). They are also state certified Teens Ride with P.R.I.D.E. (Parents Reducing Injury & Driver Error) instructors to teach parents/caregivers and their teens current curriculum on teen driving laws such as TADRA and Joshua's law.