Officer Training

In 1989, the Police Officer Standards and Training Council (POST) ruled that any person employed or appointed as a peace officer shall complete 20 hours of training a year.

The City of Hiram Police Department requires certified officers to attend a minimum of 20 hours of training a year. The training is held as an in-service class, or the officer can attend the class through a State-approved academy. All officers are required to complete in-service training each year in specialized areas including taser, firearms, elder abuse, use of force and legal updates.

The Training Division supplies both in-service and specialized training to the officers of the department. This training includes firearms and tactical training.

For more information on training officers in Hiram, contact the Police Department at 770-943-3087, Lt. J. Crosson, ext. 2033 or Det. D. McCloud, ext. 2035.

Jack Thorndike from Sirchie Labs instructing officers from around the State on how to accurately detect illegal substances with drug identification kits.