Physical Fitness Standards

Physical Fitness Standards
The physical fitness test is required for all pre-employment public safety positions for the City of Hiram. The fitness test will be administered by Training Coordinator Sergeant Edwin Ivey.

Obstacle Course Consists of the Following Tasks (Timed Completion Task):

uSprint from starting post to the wall and jump over the 5’ wall (with 1’ compensation).
uSprint to the 4’ culvert and crawl through the culvert and regain footing.
uSprint, turn left, sprint, turn left, navigate slalom course (right, left, right, left).
uSprint to stairs and hit every stair going up and down staircase.
uSprint, turn right, sprint, turn right, sprint to window and jump through window.
uSprint to balance beam and maintain balance across full length of beam.
uSprint, turn right, sprint, turn right, sprint to inert weight (approximate 85 lbs).
uCarry or drag the inert weight across the finish line.
uFull obstacle course time limit is 1 minute and forty seconds (1:40).

After Obstacle Course is Completed (Untimed Completion Task):

u15 minute cool-down period.
uPush simulated disabled vehicle (in neutral on flat ground) 25 yards.
uComplete 10 push-ups (must be thorough range of motion).


Physical Fitness Release Form  and Pre-Employment Questionnaire