Parks & Recreation

Park Facilities
The Ben Hill Strickland Sr. Memorial Park is located near historic downtown Hiram. The Park offers more than 12 acres of natural beauty and activity amenities catering to the fitness enthusiast as well as those simply seeking a leisurely nature stroll.

Amenities include:
  • Nature trail and pond
  • Pavilions
  • Perimeter sidewalk
  • Picnic green
  • Playgrounds
  • Tennis and basketball courts
The Park is also the site of the City of Hiram Amphitheater, which is used for City-hosted concerts, events, and movies in the park.

Additionally, we have 2 pavilions that are available to rent for birthday parties, family reunions, and other celebrations. For pavilion rentals, contact the Community Services Representative at 770-943-3726, ext. 2001 or ext. 2009.

Youth Sports Complex
The City of Hiram / Ruritan Youth Sports Complex is located behind the City Water Tower, 1 block west of Hiram Elementary School. The Complex is operated by the Hiram Chapter of the Ruritan Club. They provide baseball, football, and track activities for many age groups

Paulding County Facilities
For more information on other facilities located in the surrounding Paulding County area, view the Paulding County Parks and Recreation webpage.

Mosquito Control

Almost like clockwork, the temperature begins to warm and we think about Mosquitoes. Not only are they a nuisance but, they can also be a threat to public health and safety. To help ease some of those concerns the CDC has a list of things you can do both inside and outside your home to help.

Here’s what you can do to control mosquitoes outside your home:

• Install or repair and use window and door screens. Do not leave doors propped open.

• Once a week, empty and scrub, turn over, cover, or throw out any items that hold water like tires, buckets, planters, toys, pools, birdbaths, flowerpot saucers, or trash containers. Mosquitoes lay eggs near water.

• Tightly cover water storage containers (buckets, cisterns, rain barrels) so that mosquitoes cannot get inside to lay eggs.

• For containers without lids, use wire mesh with holes smaller than an adult mosquito.

• Use larvicides to treat large containers of water that will not be used for drinking and cannot be covered or dumped out.

• Use an outdoor flying insect spray where mosquitoes rest. Mosquitoes rest in dark, humid areas like under patio furniture, or under the carport or garage. When using insecticides, always follow label instructions.

• If you have a septic tank, repair cracks or gaps. Cover open vent or plumbing pipes. Use wire mesh with holes smaller than an adult mosquito.

Here’s what you can do to control mosquitoes inside your home:

• Keep windows and doors shut and use air conditioning when possible.

• Keep mosquitoes from laying eggs inside your home. Once a week, empty and scrub, turn over, cover, or throw out any items that hold water like vases and flowerpot saucers.

• Kill mosquitoes inside your home. Use an indoor flying insect fogger* or indoor insect spray* to kill mosquitoes and treat areas where they rest. These products work immediately, but may need to be reapplied. Always follow label directions. Only using insecticide will not keep your home free of mosquitoes.

• Mosquitoes rest in dark, humid places like under the sink, in closets, under furniture, or in the laundry room.

• Use an indoor fogger* or indoor insect spray* to reach and treat areas were mosquitos rest inside the home.

*For more information you may contact: Georgia Department of Human Services 404.657.2588