House Watch

About the Program
The Hiram Police Department's House Watch Program is a community-oriented policing program designed to provide peace of mind for our residents while away from home during their vacations, travel, or other reasons.

Information submitted by the resident makes it possible for the Police Department to contact the resident, or their designated key holder, in the event that a problem develops at their residence. One of the benefits of living in the City of Hiram is having a Hiram police officer patrol your residence or neighborhood while you are away.

Signing Up for House Watch
Please complete the House Watch Request Form and provide copies to a trusted neighbor and to our Police Department Support Services. If a Neighborhood Watch program is set up, your Neighborhood Watch team can help monitor your property while you are away too.

The House Watch Program is a public service to help safeguard citizens' property and allow for a rapid response and owner notification in the event of a problem. Please understand that no guarantee or assurance is implied by this announcement.

If you have any questions about the House Watch Program, contact the Police Department Support Services at 770-943-3087. Enjoy your visit away from Hiram. We look forward to having you back home safely!